What self care means to me?

As 2019 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on self care. This is something that has been around for a while and everyone has their own way of practicing self care. This is what self care means to me and it’s not in a particular order. Watching films - I love films from … Continue reading What self care means to me?

Japan highlights part one

Japan has been a dream for me for many years as most of my friends and family know. I have been asked by many why Japan and I have responded by saying why not? Japan is a beautiful county with a fantastic history and culture. I have been able to experience so much during my … Continue reading Japan highlights part one

Culture Day

Japan is full of national holidays which celebrate different aspects of culture such as Marine day on the 15th July. This year Culture Day fell on Sunday 3rd November which meant Monday was another day off. I visited Meji Jingu Shrine which is the home of the spirits of Emperor Meji and Empress Shōken . … Continue reading Culture Day


If you want to taste good quality Japanese food then head to Musubi in Asakusa where you will find Musubi, a friendly restaurant and bar. The restaurant is near Kaminarion Gate where you turn right then and it's in the 3rd side street on the right-hand side. The street is called Kannon Street. The staff … Continue reading Musubi