Mitama Festival

13th to 16th July 2019 at Yasukuni Shrine

This festival is based on Oban, an ancient way for the Japanese to honour their deceased ancestors. This festival began in 1947.

30,000 lanterns are used to light up the shrine which looks beautiful, especially at night. Some are decorated with pictures or writing.

I went on the last night as it is fell on a national holiday which is called Marine Day. This is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of July and celebrates the ocean which provides food for the Japanese people.

There are various different stalls from food and games and there is a pleasant atmosphere.

During the summer, people wear a Yukata which is a cotton kimono and is light which helps with the heat. Of course, I also wore one as do many of the tourists that also attend.

I highly recommend attending this event as it was fun and its a beautiful shrine.

Just be aware that it is crowded as many people go to enjoy the festival as well as worship their ancestors. Therefore, please be respectful.