My Skincare Journey

Skincare is looking after one's skin in order to keep it in good condition. The skin is the largest organ and there are a variety of skin types and conditions; therefore skincare is a personal journey for everyone. Skin Types and Issues Dry Oily Combination Dehydrated Acne-prone Sensitive Normal Skin Problems Eczema Rosacea Psoriasis Dermatitis … Continue reading My Skincare Journey

Japan highlights part one

Japan has been a dream for me for many years as most of my friends and family know. I have been asked by many why Japan and I have responded by saying why not? Japan is a beautiful county with a fantastic history and culture. I have been able to experience so much during my … Continue reading Japan highlights part one

Culture Day

Japan is full of national holidays which celebrate different aspects of culture such as Marine day on the 15th July. This year Culture Day fell on Sunday 3rd November which meant Monday was another day off. I visited Meji Jingu Shrine which is the home of the spirits of Emperor Meji and Empress Shōken . … Continue reading Culture Day

Asian Skin Care Japanese and Korean

I have been in Japan for nearly 2 months and I am having a wonderful time. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world such as - Germany Denmark Australia Scotland Hong Kong Taiwan Mexico Switzerland This place is amazing and everyone has been friendly and kind. English is spoken but some … Continue reading Asian Skin Care Japanese and Korean

Surviving a Japanese Summer Part One

Hi Guys Japan is currently experiencing Summer which includes festivals, fireworks 🎆, heat and humidity. The heat and humidity are definitely building and it does take its toll. There have already been reports of people dying and going to the hospital with heatstroke. This is something to take in consideration especially if visiting for the … Continue reading Surviving a Japanese Summer Part One