Beauty Regime


Hello Guys, A new update on what I've been up to. For the last week or so I've upped my skincare two levels. Over the years, I've mainly washed my face with water and moisturise, especially my hands; Due to working with horses, I kept my routine very simple an basic for time-saving. Keeping my … Continue reading Beauty Regime


Japanese National Holidays

Japanese National Holidays Its been nearly 5 months since I landed in Japan and in that time I have met some wonderful people, experienced a different culture, spent too much lol and there’s still so much more I want to accomplish. I am still working on my Japanese with my co-workers as well as helping … Continue reading Japanese National Holidays

Asian Skin Care Japanese and Korean

I have been in Japan for nearly 2 months and I am having a wonderful time. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world such as - Germany Denmark Australia Scotland Hong Kong Taiwan Mexico Switzerland This place is amazing and everyone has been friendly and kind. English is spoken but some … Continue reading Asian Skin Care Japanese and Korean

Surviving a Japanese Summer Part One

Hi Guys Japan is currently experiencing Summer which includes festivals, fireworks 🎆, heat and humidity. The heat and humidity are definitely building and it does take its toll. There have already been reports of people dying and going to the hospital with heatstroke. This is something to take in consideration especially if visiting for the … Continue reading Surviving a Japanese Summer Part One

My Fabulous Stay at Hotel Zen

Capsule Hotels These hotels are all over Japan and can be a convenient place to stay whether you are traveller, have missed the last train or you just want to try something new. They all have their own designs and some are just for women or men. They have mixed ones but the floors men … Continue reading My Fabulous Stay at Hotel Zen