Japan highlights part one

Japan has been a dream for me for many years as most of my friends and family know. I have been asked by many why Japan and I have responded by saying why not?

Japan is a beautiful county with a fantastic history and culture. I have been able to experience so much during my 6 months in Japan and yet there is still so much more.

I have already thought about my next trip out here. Lol

I have met some wonderful people and I hope to maintain in contact with them when I return to the UK mid May next year.

I feel like a better person as well as stronger and I highly recommend a working holiday to all.

As it’s 1st December, I have decided to do a highlight post from the past 6 months so I will be reposting some photos and there will be a part two in the future.

I have made it to Japan

So the above photo was taken a day or two after landing in Japan and one of the first places I went to was the Disney Store in Shibuya. I am a huge Disney fan so this was a must find. Since then I have been many times and I usually visit whenever I go to Shibuya. This is where I buy my tickets for Disneyland and Disney Sea which are sold on the 3rd floor.

This is after the Attack on Titan Final Exhibition that was at the Mori Art Gallery in Roppongi

I am definitely an anime fan and this exhibit was fantastic I had a wonderful time seeing the manga drawings and I am looking forward to watching the final season which comes out in 2020.

The first festival I attended in Yukata

This festival is held at Yasukuni shrine in Kudanshita and ran from the 13th – 16th July. It honours those who have died in war. I find all festivals to be joyous occasions as it brings communities together.

My 30th birthday
1st visit to Nalu76 for hair treatment and cut

Birthday meal at Musubi
(Unfortunately this restaurant is no longer open)

This was an amazing day I had a really wonderful time

My day at Disney Sea

This was a birthday treat for myself as I am a huge Disney fan and a big child at heart

Heero Yuy

One of my favourite cafes to visit is the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara where I go and get a coffee with Heero Yuy

Festival for Oban

I attended a festival with a family in Kachidoki. I help their daughter with her English and they invited me to the festival as well as lend me a Yukata. It was a wonderful evening.

Staying at Hotel Zen

I stayed at Hotel Zen for 1 night before moving to another share house. Had a fantastic night

Dinosaur Exhibit

I went to a dinosaur exhibit held in Ueno Park which has various different exhibits during the year

Yabusame at Meji Jingu Shrine

This was a thrill seeking event to witness. I will be posting about this event soon

Mum and I at Meji Jingu Shrine

Of course one of my highlights is when my mum came for her first visit to Japan from the 7th to 21st November. We did a variety of things to give her a taste as she will be back in April for the Sakura season.

The Japan Cup

The Japan Cup is the biggest race in the Japanese racing calendar and is an amazing experience. I am a horse riding instructor in the UK and I love horses. They are beautiful animals.

At the Races
Japan Cup 24th November 2019

That’s all for now but there’s more to come. I can’t believe that this year has gone by so quickly. It’s now December and I go home mid May as I have a family wedding to go to but I have had a wonderful time. I definitely recommend a working holiday visa to anyone.

Mum and I at the Samurai museum in Shinjuku

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