Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo

I have been in Japan over 6 months and have seen many interesting things and places of interest.

This list is my current top 10 of things to do in Tokyo. This may change or may be added to in the future.

I have put the list in bullet points as they are all good things to do equally.

  • Shibuya Walking Tour – This tour gives you a mix of the tourist and local spots. You go with a guide who gives you some interesting information and chances to take photos. Its 90 minutes and a good way to see Shibuya.
  • Visit Ashikaga Flower Park – This is a beautiful park which has 8 different themes during the year. With beautiful flowers, lights and photo oppotunites, Ashikaga Flower Park is a peaceful place to visit. It’s also not far out of Tokyo.
  • Visit Parks – Even in the hustle and bustle of city life, Tokyo also has various different parks that are beautiful and give you a change of pace. Personally,  I love Ueno and Yoyogi Parks but I have only seen them so far. I recommend visiting these parks for some relaxing.
  • Tokyo Race Course – the Japanese certainly enjoy horse racing and its exciting to watch. Located in Fuchu City, visiting this amazing race track is a must. I went for the Japan Cup which is the biggest race in Japan. A ticket is only 200¥ so very cheap and theres plenty to see and do.
  • Visit Shrines/Temples – Religion has played an important role within Japanese culture and definitely someting worth doing. These places are very peaceful and are all over. Temples are from Buddhism and Shrines are from Shinto.
  • Teamlabs Borderless – This is an art exhibit with a difference as its digital and interactive. Definitely worth visiting.  
  • Visit Onsen – Onsen are volcanic hot springs that help people to relax and is a staple in Japanese culture. These places are relaxing and enjoyable. They are all over and vary depending on the onsen. I love the Onsen at Odaiba which also has games .
  • Visit a theme cafe – theme cafes pop up from time to time, usually to promote a new film or the permanent Pokemon Cafe. These are amazing and well detailed. The themed cafes that pop up, last a few weeks and a reservation is required. Although, the staff may allow you to take some photos. The OhmyDisney is a cafe in Harajuku/Omotesando that changes its theme every so often. Recently, they had a Little Mermaid theme to celebrate its 30th anniversary which was wonderful. Now, its a Frozen theme and I am going on the 14th December   
  • Wear a Yukata/Kimono – this is the Japanese traditional dress. I have worn these a few times for festivals and you can wear a Yukata at the Odaiba onsen as well as at Ryokans Japanese Inns. Yukata are made from cotton and are generally worn during the summer and Kimono are made from silk and are more expensive and tend to be worn during special occasions.
  • Samurai Museum – This is definitely worth visiting. The Samurai were warriors that played an important part of Japanese society and history and you can learn about these warriors in a fun way.  There is also a show fight between a Samurai and a Ninja. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there is a live music event. This starts at 8:15 pm and needs to be booked as only 20 are allowed per evening. This is definitely worth seeing as they do a mixture of traditional Japanese music with a small amount of Western-style music. They also provide information on the instruments.

Thats all for now. I am really immersing myself in the Japanese culture and I am looking forward to seeing more.