My Thoughts so Far

30th October marks 6 months in Japan and I feel like its gone by too quickly. I am having a great time and I have met some wonderful people and had some lovely experiences. I am excited to see what I can get up to over the next few months. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am looking forward to seeing my mum, who lands in Japan on the 7th November and will be here for 2 weeks. I have saved a number of activities so then I can share them with my mum.

Since arriving in Japan, I have developed as a person which I plan to continue to grow in the future. I am happier and more relaxed.

The working holiday visa was created to help build bridges between Japan and the West; allowing an exchange of history and culture. So far, I have met some wonderful people and have enjoyed interacting with co-workers and also various others that I have spoken too when we have been sat together at a restaurant or they have approached me. For example, I recently went to the Ohmy Disney cafe with its current theme the Little Mermaid and I was approached as they liked my t-shirt which was covered in Little Mermaid characters. She had also lived in Wales and her English was good. These interactions have been lovely. There are also instances where I have wanted to take a selfie and failing and some have come to my aid. I in turn have done the same for them.

I have learned so much during this trip so far and I hope this helps to inspire others to do the same. This is something that can help a person grow, emotionally and mentally as you are put in a different country and are separated from things and people you are familiar with. This causes you to find your own way and go out of the comfort zone in order to make new friends who are in a similar situation or even people you meet through working in a foreign country. For instance, I have made friends with the people I work with at the nursery as well as with the family in Kachidoki. I am hoping to continue these friendships once I have retuned to the UK.

Once again, I would like to thank Bunac Global and World Unite for helping me with achieveing my dream of living in Japan. Both companies have been wonderful, giving support and advice. I recommend both of them for anyone interested in working and living abroad.

websites – site is German but there is an English option

As of this posting, I have had an interview at an international nursery/preschool which if all goes well may sponsor me to stay in Japan another year. Fingers crossed. I would love to stay longer as I there are things that I haven’t done but would like to do such as Halloween in Shibuya, which I missed this year.