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I have been in Japan for nearly 2 months and I am having a wonderful time. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world such as –

  1. Germany
  2. Denmark
  3. Australia
  4. Scotland
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Taiwan
  7. Mexico
  8. Switzerland

This place is amazing and everyone has been friendly and kind. English is spoken but some have difficulty with it so please speak slowly and clearly but some have very good English.

My favourite places so far –

  1. Shibuya
  2. Akihabara
  3. Asakusa
  4. Shinjuku

They are close together though and this is so far so keep a lookout as some will be added.

One thing I have seen that’s interesting is the high amount of skincare products available both Japanese and Korean brands. There is high end and then there are high street brands. Both are good quality and a little goes a long way.

Japanese Brands

  1. Shiseido
  2. Kose
  3. DHC
  4. Biore
  5. SK – II
  6. Blanc White

There are various others

There are loads that help with moisture, brightening, firming, anti-ageing and overall natural ingredients. Some of the products I have used are from Shiseido, Kose, Biore and Blanc White. They also have some western brands such as Clarins and Nivea as well so you are spoilt for choice.

They have everything covered especially from UV rays. They are very conscious of how UV causes Cancer and use different products to combat it. Blanc White is to help the skin from dark spots and is a recent product of mine. They also wear hats, clothes designed to protect from the UV rays and also have parasols that are for sun and rain.

Face Masks

Face Masks are widely used in any skincare routine and there is a huge variety of them. This includes character designs to 3D ones. They are designed to help look after the skin and I have started using more due to the fact that the humidity is increasing. Japan is currently in the rainy season and some days have been very humid which I can cope so far however my skin feels disgusting so I like to look after it as I am working in a restaurant and want to look my best when serving customers.

My skin type is dry and when I was younger I suffered from Eczema which is where your skin is itchy in areas like your elbows and arms. In my case, I had it on my bum which is not pleasant. Eczema can flare up from low humidity, dust mites, fabrics, hormonal changes and various others.

Luckily, my eczema has cleared and has for over 10 years (touch wood) however my hands, in particular, can suffer especially during the winter where my skin splits on my hands; mainly on my right for some reason. Therefore I am keeping on top of it and for the last 2 years, my hands have been better.

There are face masks for various uses such as –

  • Moisturising
  • Whitening
  • Toning

They also have all in one mask or big packs of them. I have also got a rubber cover which holds the mask in place so then you can do other things, which I often do.

I find face masks relaxing and use them during my nighttime skincare routine and I have amassed quite a collection. lol 😆

Japan is a hot and humid country and I value high SPF as I have pale skin so I generally use factor 50 and I have been using a day cream from Kose called Premium Day Care Gel UV which has factor 50 in it and it’s fantastic. My skin feels soft and protected from the sun’s rays. I am really enjoying Asian skincare products but I’m also enjoying Korean skincare products like Etude House and Innisfree which I am really enjoying at the moment like the Happy essential foam cleanser collagen/hyaluronic acid from Etude House and the Innisfree green tea range. I don’t know whether the UK have these shops yet however, they are available online. I definitely recommend these products as good quality and helps keep my skin in good condition. I will say this though skincare is different for each person and it depends on the country and season.

I will do another post on my actual skincare routine for am and pm soon with photos of the products I’m currently using.

Thanks again


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