Surviving a Japanese Summer Part One

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Japan is currently experiencing Summer which includes festivals, fireworks 🎆, heat and humidity. The heat and humidity are definitely building and it does take its toll. There have already been reports of people dying and going to the hospital with heatstroke. This is something to take in consideration especially if visiting for the Rugby World Cup which is coming up and the Tokyo Olympics 2020. They are putting steps into consideration already, for instance, some of the events are going to be starting an hour earlier in order to escape the heat during the middle of the day.

I am hoping to share my experiences during the summer months, hence why this is part 1. I have never experienced a Japanese Summer as this is my first time but I’m sure there are many people who are coming for the Rugby World Cup and Tokyo 2020 who have not been to Japan either. So I hope this will help anyone coming to Japan in the Summer which is also full of festivals so is worth coming to.

Summer Begins

Summer begins after the rainy season which begins June to mid-July and rains and rains with a couple of dry days or wet and windy days and the winds can be mega strong.

After the rainy season, the heat increases, as well as the humidity and there, are various ways to combat the heat.

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Carry a face towel or wet wipes
  • Portable fans
  • Parasols for both sun and rain. I have a belle one
  • UV protection clothing hats, arm sleeves, visors and jackets (very thin)
  • Good sun protection
  • Try and avoid middle of the day
  • Use deodorant
  • Use Perspiration patches

At the moment, I am coping with the heat which reminds me of the heat in Dubai although I’m sure Dubai’s Summer is worse however I am washing my clothes more often as I am perspiring more so I am wearing a different outfit every day as the Japanese are very sensitive to smell.

I also advise having a good skincare routine to keep your skin in good condition. They also sell blotting paper to help absorb/remove excess oil and sweat. I also recommend the patches which I use when I work at the restaurant. I also think having a portable fan is extremely handy.

I hope this is useful and I am planning on going to see the Pikachu parade in Yokohama in a couple of days.

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