My Fabulous Stay at Hotel Zen

Capsule Hotels

These hotels are all over Japan and can be a convenient place to stay whether you are traveller, have missed the last train or you just want to try something new. They all have their own designs and some are just for women or men. They have mixed ones but the floors men and women have their own separate floors. The pods are small, enough for you to sit up in and you have a locker so you can put your things somewhere safe but are comfortable. They also provide you with the essential’s or you can use your own.

Hotel Zen

Located in Ningyocyo, H13 on the Hibiya line is a beautiful capsule hotel called Hotel Zen which is very close to the metro station, only a couple of minutes away depending on the exit you come out of. It has a peaceful feel to the place that made me feel relaxed and happy.

I entered and went to reception where I was handed the check-in form and showed her my passport, which she checked before giving me my room key and where to go for the bar and washroom/shared space. She also gave me a ticket which allows the guest a free glass of Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) as part of a promotion they have going on at the moment.

I then took the elevator to my floor, level 5 and headed to my pod. I used my thumb then the key to open the door and put some of my stuff into the locker. I opened the sliding door and headed to my pod for the night 507 and had a moment to lay on the bed.

Currently, the rainy season has finished so now the heat and humidity are rising so I was relieved to have a chill moment.

Once I had composed myself, I unpacked some of my stuff and took in the decor. I found the decor beautiful and had a relaxing atmosphere that put me at ease. The pod is a good size as there’s, not another pod above you which there are in other capsule hotels. Also, it doesn’t look dated or in need of some TLC which has happened in other hotels, I have stayed in.

I then collected my bath stuff as I used my own stuff, although you are provided with amenities by the hotel (sorry hotel zen) and headed down to the washroom. I remembered my key which is important as you need it to re-enter your room otherwise you have to go to the reception.

The washroom/shared space is located on B2 and this is also where you can wash and dry your clothes.

I entered the washroom and was amazed as the showers are spacious and chic. You have a place to put your clothes and you can use the hand wash or the big shower above. I used the hand one as I was going out. The shower was wonderful and very good pressure.

I finished my shower and dried myself before returning to my pod and getting ready to head out.

My Return

On my return to Hotel Zen, I headed downstairs to B1 to their Bar Lounge Taian which is open from 6pm-11pm (except Sundays) and I had my free glass of Sake. Yummy 😋. Food is available till 10 pm but I had already eaten but I will definitely try it on my next visit as it did look amazing and reasonably priced. I finished my drink and had a little chat with the chef who had come over to ask another if they had liked the food.

I then headed back to my room and decided to have another shower as I felt sticky from the humidity after going back out and so then I could also wash my clothes.

I put my clothes in the machine which was ¥400 for 1 cycle before taking a shower. This time I was also washing my hair so I used the big shower. Another reason why I had another one.

It was amazing. The temperature was just right and easy to adjust and I loved how spacious it was. Once finished, I dried myself and headed out to dry my hair. The hairdryers provided are fantastic and my hair dried reasonably quickly. I then checked my clothes and they were finished so I put them in the drier which costs ¥100 and went back into the washroom in order to do my nighttime skincare routine.

While I waited for my clothes to dry, I sat in the shared area and used the free wifi whilst wearing a face mask before finishing my skincare routine.

I found the shared area comfortable and pleasant. I collected my dry clothes before returning to my pod where I got ready for bed and settled into the comfy bed and pillows and went to sleep.

6 am Checkout

The next morning, my alarm went off at 6 am and I left my comfy bed to get ready for the day. Once ready, I packed my stuff and went down to the reception and checked out. I asked if I could store some luggage as I had a job interview and I didn’t want to take it all with me. It was a relief that I could store my luggage. I was given a tag with a number on it which I put in my purse and with a friendly see you later.

Picking up my luggage

Later that afternoon, I picked up the rest of my luggage. I handed the number tag over and collected the rest of my luggage. I said thank you and that I was going to stay again.


Overall, I had a fantastic stay at Hotel Zen. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The decor is beautiful and tastefully decorated. I thought the facilities were top-notch. I think the best was the bed and pillows. I had a wonderful night’s sleep and didn’t want to leave.

I highly recommend this hotel and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Thank you once again Hotel Zen

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