My Life in Koto-Ku

The A Day in Koto-Ku

Currently, I live in Koto-Ku a city in part of downtown Tokyo. Koto, in Japanese means East of River and has a rich history of using the local rivers and canals in order to transport goods around. I am living near Kiba Station which is on the Metro Tozai Line which conveniently close to Shibuya and Asakusa etc.

My life in Koto-Ku
I have been here nearly two months and I have really enjoyed it here. I have easy excess to the main areas such as Shibuya for shopping, Akihabara for anime and one of my favourite places, the Gundam Cafe and Asakusa for Sensoji temple and work.
As I live in part of downtown Tokyo, I have found that I have a place to escape the crowded areas of Shibuya for instance as it is not as crowded. Unless its rush hour, but other than that its relatively quieter. At least to me anyway.
One area that is relaxing and peaceful is Kiba Koen (park). I enjoy coming here to relax as it’s beautiful and very green. I come here to have some alone time. As I live in a share house, I live with other people and it can get quite loud at times and a bit chaotic so I go to Kiba Koen and listen to music/audiobooks or read my kindle.

A Work Day

My day differs depending on what I’m doing. If it’s a work day I –

7am wake up
7:10 am have a shower
7:30am skin care routine
7:45am have breakfast and coffee
9am get ready for work
10am leave for work
10:40am arrive in Asakusa and wander around for a bit
11:15am go to work at Musubi Japanese Dining and bar
11:30 am start work
4pm Finish work
5pm go home
5:40pm arrive back to Kiba and I either go straight back to the share house or I go to Ito Yokado my other local haunt
9pm evening skincare routine/evening shower
10:30pm sleep

Some of this does change depending on whether I am meeting friends after work or going to another job.

My Days Off

My days off are more relaxed, unless I have plans for the day. My morning routine doesn’t change much other than it starts a bit later. I like a variety and some days I have a more chill day where I go to Kiba Koen or visit an exhibit or I have a packed day where I visit various places throughout the day.

This Week

One of my reasons for coming to Japan this year, was to celebrate my 30th birthday which was Tuesday 23rd July 2019. I had a fantastic day and had a me day.
I left the share house late morning and headed to Omotesando; one stop before Shibuya and treated myself to a Subway and a Tiramisu pancake at Homibing a cafe where they serve dessert pancakes and shaved ice before going to my hair appointment at Nalu76, a hair salon which I have seen on various YouTube videos and I was eager to experience their services for myself. I was not disappointed. They really looked after me and I am looking forward to my next visit.
I then headed to Asakusa where I was meeting some friends for my birthday meal. It was a very good evening. I went to Musubi where I work and enjoyed some Summer Sake (Japanese Rice Wine). The food was excellent and they had Happy Birthday with my Tiramisu.

My day at Disney Sea

One of the things I have really liked about Koto-Ku and Kiba is that is only about 30 – 40 minutes away from Disneyland and Disney Sea. I am a huge Disney fan and The Little Mermaid was my first video. My mum has told me that when I was little I would say Mermaid and I would watch it happily all day. That is something I believe as even now I have had days when I have done that.

A few weeks ago, I went to Disney Store in Shibuya and bought my ticket ready and on Wednesday 24th July 2019, I got up early and got ready and headed for Disney Sea. I used the Tozai Line to the final stop T23 Nishi-Funabashi Station and transferred to Musashino Line to Maihama as at Ichikawa-Shiohama station it changes to the Keiyo Line.
I then followed the crowd to the Disney train which runs every 3 minutes and takes you to both parks and hotels.
I had a really good day at Disney Sea and I highly recommend going. I’m going again. My favourite places were the Mermaid Lagoon area and the Arabian Area which are Little Mermaid and Aladdin themed. Both areas are conveniently opposite each other which was good as I went back to Mermaid Lagoon in order to escape the heat.

My favourite ride was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Stull which was exciting and well done. Yes any dialog was in Japanese but I didn’t care. I liked it so much I went on for a second time. The standard waiting time was 70 minutes however, single riders could join the fast pass queue which is what I did.

The last thing I did was watch the Disney show which was amazing. It was well organised and preformed beautifully. I would definitely recommend anyone who visits Disney to see it as its something all ages can enjoy.

What I Like

Overall, I like Kiba and I have had a good time here. I have met some lovely people who have helped with my Japanese and have been understanding as I practise it. I also like’ she fact that its downtown as I find it to be more, relaxing whereas in the areas of Shibuya and Asakusa, it can be very hectic, with people pushing each however I do like the fact that I am within easy reach of these places as they have a lot to offer.

I also like that Koto-Ku is hosting a number of the Olympic and Paralympic games including the Eventing Cross Country which is connected to another of my passions and that is horse riding although I prefer watching Cross Country. I think this will help Koto-Ku as there will be many people coming to Japan such as sports teams, coaches, the media as well as spectators so the area will be pictured and viewed by many people from all over the world.

My stay in Koto is coming to an end as I am moving to Taito however I have friends here so I will definitely be back.

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