First Few Days

Hi guys

It is now 10th June and I have been in Japan for nearly 2 weeks. It’s been amazing and I have settled in well. The people I share the house with are all friendly and made me feel welcome. I will say that it took me a few days to get over the jetlag but I’m fine now.


The shared house I’m staying in is called Oizumi Mansion and its in Koto-Ku city in Tokyo. The nearest metro station is Kiba number 13 on the Tozai line. The house has 5 levels. 2nd floor has the office, two large rooms, a kitchen and a toilet and shower. The third level is the same but has more shower rooms and a male and female washroom. The 4th floor is been renovated at the moment and then there’s another set of stairs that take you to the rooftop where we hang our washing during dry days. We have access to a washing machine which costs 200¥ and the tumble dryer costs about 300¥ (I think). We also have free wifi access. Close by the house, there are plenty of restaurants as well as convenient stores such as 7eleven and Lawsons. There’s a shopping centre which has a supermarket, cinema and various other shops and restaurants called Ito Yokado which is about 10 minutes away from the shared house. When I arrived in Japan, I went through customs and my bag was checked. I also received my Residents card and I met up with Nozomi the representative of World Unite who came to pick me up. She was very friendly and explained what was going to happen once we got to the share house. We travelled from the airport by bus and then got on the metro. Nozomi bought the tickets. The journey was pleasant and we got on the metro before rush hour which was good as I had my suitcase and then we walked from Kiba station to the shared house. I settled in at the house before meeting up with Gina another member of staff at World Unite to fill out paperwork ready for the next day when we would go to city hall to register our address, set up a bank account as well as visit the community centre. Nozomi then got me a pasmo card as I wanted to go and explore for the afternoon (I gave her the money) and I went to explore.

I went to Nihonbashi which was a couple of stops away and had a wander. I also went to see an exhibit on Zen Buddhists artefacts which was interesting to see.Me on Nihonbashi Bridge

I then headed off to Shibuya as I was keen to explore more. Shibuya is the 1 stop on the Ginza line and is famous for its crossing and Hachi statue however I went for the Disney store and I found it. It was amazing. It was decorated with loads of my favourite characters such as Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and many more. As Aladdin live action is coming out there’s loads of Aladdin related merchandise.After wandering around Disney, I decided to head back and I got back to Kiba station ok I just got out of the wrong exit and it took me ages to get back as I got lost. Luckily I found someone who was willing to help me and took out google maps on her phone and walked me back.

The following day I headed out to Akihabara or Electric Town which is famous for its anime shops, 2nd electronics as well as maid cafes. Again I went to have a wander around like its a place I have wanted to visit and it’s not far on the metro from Kiba. You get off the Tozai line at Kayabacho which is only 2 stops, then you go to the Hibiya line and get on towards Akihabara and its only a few stops and you’re there.I had a look at the anime models which are beautifully crafted and look very realistic. I also found the Gundam Cafe which is themed on the manga/anime Gundam.Gu ndam is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary and is still going on; although the only Gundam series I have watched is Gundam Wing. They do theme food and drink and I had a Cappuccino with Heero in the foam. Heero Yuy is my favourite Gundam Wing character.

I then headed out to Shinjuku and I found Godzilla

I got back to Kiba and again I got lost however I got back earlier than the previous day and sometimes its good to get a little lost as you can see a bit more of the area. The wandering cost me as my feet were aching afterwards.I will end this here and the next one will be about Kudan Institute of Japanese Language

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