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15th April 2019

Hi Guys, hope your all well. I have been way last week to London so here is what happened.

9th April 2019

Today was the day mum and I traveled down to London so that I could apply for my Working Holiday Visa for Japan. Included in the trip was meeting up with a good friend of mine, Tatyana Gamo, watching Aladdin at Prince Edward Theatre and of course applying for my visa.

We arrived in London just after 2:30 pm which had been pleasant and made our way to the Apartment. A few months ago I had booked our accommodation through as I knew it would be during the Easter Holidays, which would make it busier and more expensive. I use a lot and am a member of a loyalty scheme so I can get a percentage off during my stay. I looked and found Charlotte Street Rooms; apartments with a shared kitchen which was cheaper than a Hotel for the same length of time. This also meant that we didn’t have to cart our luggage to the Embassy and we could take some time to enjoy ourselves.

The apartments were easy enough to find and mum and I walked from Euston Station to the apartments as it was a lovely day and we had enough time as check-in was from 3 pm. We checked in and was shown around and left to settle in. There were various restaurants and takeaways close by as well as a Tesco’s. Yaya’s was a Japanese takeaway place that we did use often over the course of our stay.

The apartment was clean and suited our purposes. We had a good shower and the bed was comfortable. We ate in the apartment and we also shared sushi from Yaya’s.

10th April 2019

Had a good night sleep and we relaxed before going out. We walked to Warren Street Station as Goodge Street Station is an exit only from 7:30 – 10:00 am and it was a good morning. Unfortunately, there was no elevator or stairs however they were going to turn off the escalator going down at 10 and a staff member told us to come back and he would let her walk down.

My mum has had falls going down escalators and doesn’t like them but she can go up to them. We used the tube to Leicester Square as I wanted to find where the Prince Edward Theatre was as we were going to watch Aladdin later that evening. We went to Shake Shack and had a milkshake before heading to Covent Garden where we were going to met up with my friend Tatyana Gamo who I met when I started working the at Trent Park Equestrian Centre and haven’t seen in each other for over 6 years. It was fantastic. We had lunch at Shake Shack and a good chat and caught up of life events as well as wishing me good luck for Japan. We went for yogurt/ice cream at a chain called Snog on Tatyana’s recommendation. It was a good choice and it’s vegan-friendly as well as 0% fat; something my mum likes as she is doing Slimming World and is doing really well.

We parted company as Tatyana wanted to go to Oxford Street and Mum and I was heading back to get ready so that was back in time for the show. We also bought some sushi from Yaya’s ready for later as we weren’t mega hungry as we had eaten quite a lot during lunch.

Mum played on her iPad and had sleep whilst I had a shower, which was wonderful. Good temperature and pressure. I dressed up for the occasion and wore a cream silk blouse from H and M and a pair of Beige Trousers that I have had for years and a pair of Beige short boots that I bought recently from ASDA. I also wore my Lilac Jacket again from ASDA, my Katie Loxton Scarf that I got for Christmas and a cream coat.

We made our way back to Leicester Square and collected our tickets before having a wander around as it was too early to be seated. Just before 7 PM, we made our way back to the theater, our bags were checked and we found our seats and waited for the show to begin.

Aladdin was fantastic. The cast and crew did an amazing job bringing this well-known tale to life. I have been wanting to see this since it came out in America and have the soundtrack on my kindle. I would definitely see this again.

We walked to Covent Garden station after the show and managed to get on the tube and made our way back to the apartment.

We shared our sushi and wine before going to bed

Outside Prince Edward Theatre

11th April 2019

Today was the day I had been waiting for as I was going to visit Bunac and then the Japanese Embassy where I was going to apply for my Working Holiday Visa. We left the apartment and headed to High street Kensington and made our way to Bunac. I used the maps app on my phone and found it easily. I didn’t have a definite appointment however Ramon Wiersema, who I have been in contact with over the last couple of months since I applied for this last year. He was very friendly and helpful and looked through my documents. I had also forgotten my intended activities however he printed me a blank copy and I wrote it out.

We then went and waited for the bus to go to the Embassy which didn’t take long. We got out at the Old Hard Rock stop and the Embassy was straight ahead. Our bags went through security and I got a ticket and waited to be called.

The whole process took about 10 – 15 minutes and they checked my CV, Intended activities as well as why I wanted to stay in Japan for a year. They checked my bank accounts and did question a large payment (I knew they would) and I explained that my dad had left me money which was what I was using and had transferred the money over. I was told it would take a week and was given a document that I needed to have in order to pick it up.

We returned to Bunac and Olivia Turner came this time and I gave her the document the Embassy had given me as they are going to pick it up on my behalf and sending it back to me. She said that it looked good as any rejection usually happens there and then.

After that was sorted, both mum and I left out a sigh of relief, and we headed off to Wasabi’s where I treated mum to lunch. We shared a set sushi box with Crab and Salmon, shared Matcha Bubble Tea and had a Chocolate mochi each.

After lunch, we had a look at the High Street and popped into Rituals, a skin care retailers and tried some of their Green tea and tried some of their products and had some good advice. Both Mum and I have suffered from Eczema and dry skin so always looking for things to help. My mum bought from the Sakura range and me from the Hammam. Since then, I have used both ranges and loved them. I will do a full review once I have used it a bit more.

We then headed to Japan House which currently has an exhibition called Living Colours which is how they choose the colours for the Kimonos. It’s free and runs till 19th May. It was wonderful as it represented the different seasons. I also received some information about things to do. We then headed to a Cafe and had a coffee. After coffee and T.K Max, we headed to Paddington and visited Hotel Chocolate and bought a present for my sister before heading back.

We had a relaxing evening however it took me a while to fall asleep as I think I was still excited from the day’s events plus it was quite nosy outside. I did eventually fall asleep but woke too early.

Japan House London Living Colours

12th April 2019

We packed up and checked out and had a wander towards Euston Station. On the way, we had a little look around and got to Euston Station in enough time. We had a coffee and a milkshake and just had a sit-down whilst mum charged up her iPad. We had a wander before having lunch.

The train journey home wasn’t as pleasant as full but it was quicker as did fewer stops.

Overall, the trip was wonderful and look forward to another trip.

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