Relaxing things to do

Today’s society generally leads hectic lives and juggle work, children (if they have them), daily life. These can cause people to feel stressed which can lead to health problems and break down in our own well being.
I have since realised that I myself was included in this number and now feel better about how I’m living my life and I’m looking forward to new adventures that await.
I have made a list of things that help me to relax –

  • listen to music

I listen to a varied range of music from –
Select songs from other artists and bands

  • Watch films

I absolutely love films even the ones I have seen before. This is something that helps me to relax especially with films I have watched many times before is that they give you predictability in a world that is far from it.

  • Read a book

I have a wide range of authors that I like to read such as –
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kresley Cole
JR Ward
Stephen King
and various others
I also tend to re-read them as some are long series so while I wait for the next one then I go back over some of the previous books.

  • Apply a face mask

This is a recent thing and something that I try and do a couple of times a week. This also helps with my skin care routine.

  • Do some colouring in

A new trend that has popped up in recent years is the sale of adult colouring books which include nature, mythical creatures to Disney and Harry Potter to name a few. This has allowed me to relax from other things as I’m concentrating on this and again it takes you back to a time when things were simple and you didn’t have to worry about work.

  • Take a walk

Walking around outside allows you to enjoy nature which is something we have to protect for future generations. I also have fond memories of going to various parks with my family full of fun and picnics. These include parks like Haigh Hall which isn’t far from me to woodlands in Scotland where we had a caravan. One of my favourite parks in Scotland is Harestanes in Jedburgh. This is a lovely park which includes nature walks and is a place I really want to return to.

  • Have a bath

I have always preferred baths to showers as I can enjoy soaking my muscles especially after a day at the stables. I also didn’t like showers as it reminded me of a scene in IT 1990smini-series with Tim Curry which left a lasting impression on me. Since living away from home, I have outgrown this fear and I do enjoy showers. I also use face masks when I’m having a bath as well as watching a film or listening to music.

These things help me to relax and unwind. I highly recommend that everyone find the time to relax after a busy day to help maintain our health and well being.

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