Hi guys,
Been busy with filling out paperwork for my visa for Japan which is getting closer. I will be in London two weeks today with mum and as I have said before I’m so excited. I have been trying to sort things out and trying not to buy too much. I’m also changing some of my skin care in order to suit the change in weather as both Dubai and Japan are both hot and humid countries, I need to adapt my routine so that my skin can cope with the change in climate. I have also started to use suncream when I’m out as I usually just burn due to my red hair and pale skin.
I am trying out Superdrug Vitamin E range which is affordable as the most expensive was £3.99 and they have a 3 for 2 offer were you get the cheapest product free.
I have only used it once so will do a review in a few weeks for you.

I am still using face masks and have noticed a huge difference to my skin. I have also added a gold face mask and I’m simply a very happy person.

Tonight mum and I are going to Pilates to help tone up and see what its like. I have been recommended Pilates to strengthen my core muscles.

One recent purchase recently has been a selfie stick which also acts as a tripod and I have found this useful in order to get different angles for photos. It also has bluetooth so I can use a small remote to take the photos which will help if I want to change positions etc. I find it light to hold and my phone, an iphone SE fits perfectly.
I have also bought a phone stand which has been useful when I have wanted to watch videos while eating my tea etc. Another important factor is that it also fits my Kindle which I take everywhere. I will post the link to my review below.


Please take a look and there are other products I have reviewed.

I am now on Instagram as franklerachel so please check me out on there.

Thats all for now so till next time


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