Fun Days with Mum and friends

Today has been a good day. Had a good sleep. The weather was good and had a good time with some of my favourite people. I had some apple and cinnamon hot cross buns for breakfast with my morning coffee. Did my skincare routine and dressed before heading out to Wigan. We went to the bank before heading to Muffin Break for coffee.

I then met up with my friend Kelly and her daughter Sienna. We had a wander around Wigan and had a Subway for Lunch. I then went to meet up with Mum and we then went to Chorley to visit Mags Japanese Cafe for a cup of tea and we had a good chat with the owner Margret.

This was followed by a visit to ASDA before going home and watching the Dog Rescuers.

Mum has been doing Slimming World since last September and she’s doing very well on it. Recently, we have been planning our meals in advance and tonight we had Salmon fillet, rice with lemongrass, stir – fry mix and Hollandaise Sauce and fresh Dill.

Recently I have been enjoying some well deserved me time as well as spending quality time with my mum. This has been important as I will soon be going to Japan for a year and I have always been close to her. I am excited that I will be able to share my experiences with her; both on my site as well as in person when she will come and join me for a few weeks.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as a working holiday visa can only be issued once, so I’m glad I’ve waited for this. I’m applying in April and my mum is joining me on the trip down to London.

We will spend 3 nights in a rented apartment and will watch the West End musical Aladdin. This is an exciting time and I am going to enjoy the experience as much as I can.

I am also practising self-love; doing things that benefit me as a person and this is helping my stress levels and I feel better as a person.

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