Meme bubble mask

Hi guys, I have tried a new product that from 1st use I loved. It is called Meme clay carbonated bubble mask and this is a Korean product that I found on the wonderful site that is Amazon.

It has a pleasant smell and feels light on my skin. I used a face mask brush to apply the product so I could evenly spread it over my face; another buy from Amazon and then waited a couple of minutes. Then it happened.

My face started tingling slightly and looking in the mirror, I could see it bubbling. I had to resist itching my nose 😀.

After a few minutes, I washed my face with luck warm water then patted my face dry.

This product left my face feeling very clean and smooth and one that I’m going to use again.

It comes in a lovely light green box with a sheep on it.

To stop product going into my hair I used a band with kitty ears on. It feels soft and looks really cute.

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