Sunday afternoon (24th February 2019), saw mum and I nipping to the local garden centre and buying some flowers (Primulas) of various colours, 3 bags of small compost and a planned returned trip for following Tuesday (26th February 2019) which included buying some hanging baskets and a cute Robin.

isn’t he cute

We have another trip to make as still a couple of pots to fill. They look so pretty.

We have also gone to watch the film Green Book which was amazing. Green Book is set in 1962 in New York. An Italian Tony Vallellonga who is out of work for a period of times ends up getting a job driving a black musician Dr Don Shirley on a tour to the deep south.

They experience many challenges including discrimination and racism however this forms a strong friendship between two people.

It is definitely worth watching as it is also funny in places. There’s a few films I’m looking forward to watching such as The Aftermath and Fishermens Friend.

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