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A new update on what I’ve been up to. For the last week or so I’ve upped my skincare two levels. Over the years, I’ve mainly washed my face with water and moisturise, especially my hands; Due to working with horses, I kept my routine very simple an basic for time-saving. Keeping my hands supple was more important as my skin splits on my hands and fingers (mainly my right) as my hands go from being wet, dry, cold and warm so the skin dries up, the skin splits which causes some pain when your doing manual work such as grooming horses, sweeping the yard etc.

Now, I’m not working full time at a yard only doing some teaching at the weekend, I have more time to treat myself and am starting to enjoy the benefits.

Morning Routine

I start my morning by using the Argan Oil 5-oil Infused Cleanser to clean my skin. This cleanser contains Argan oil and Vitamin E. I massage into my face then wash off with a warm face cloth. I then pat dry with a towel. I have found that this product leaves my skin feels silky soft and smooth.

Next, I use Blessed by Nature Hydrating Mist Toner. This is a natural product and contains Witch Hazel, Rose Water and Calendula. It’s easy to use as I simply spray lightly on my face then gently rub with a cotton pad. Then leave to dry which doesn’t take long.

These products I bought from T.K.Max.

I have been using LAXX Cosmetics Eye Serum under my eyes as I have noticed that they looked dark and since using this serum, there has been a difference. I use a small amount on my ring finger and wipe inside to outside gently. I brought this through

This next product I’ve been using for the last 2 years and I adore it. It’s from ObeyYourBody and a wonderful moisturiser for my face and body. I first bought this at Horse of the Year Show from the Optra stand and tried it. Instantly, I noticed a big difference to my skin. The moisturiser uses salt from the dead sea and helps fight bacteria before causing damage and leaving my skin soft. Since using this, my hands haven’t split during the harsh winter months which normally have to be covered in plasters to prevent dust and dirt getting into them. Only a small amount is needed and lasts a long time depending on how often and much you use. Although this product is one of the more expensive that I use, I recommend this product hands down. I find the price worth it for the benefits I have gained from using it. I get this product through

Finally, I have started using Sanctuary Spa 10 in 1 Super Secret Facial Oil to lock in the moisture and protect my skin from everyday life. Only a small amount is needed which is patted on my face. I then use a cotton pad to remove any excess oil. I am liking this product as it gives my skin a lovely sheen to it. I brought this from Superdrug.

A couple of times a week I also use ObeyYourBody Soothing Body Scrub which I’ve also been using for the past 2 years and really love it. It’s a very versatile product as I use some on my face as well as my body to remove dead skin cells and it makes my skin smooth and soft. I also put some in a warm bath just to help my skin and its very relaxing. Again this product lasts a long time as only need to use a small amount and is again more expensive but like with the moisturiser, is totally worth the price. I buy this through

This is my new morning routine and its the same that I use at night. Personally, I don’t use makeup as naturally I have a rosy complexion and don’t feel the need to put on makeup.

Hair Care

My hair is considered thin and when I was younger I had my hair trimmed often to encourage it to thicken. Although I didn’t like it at the time as I wanted my hair longer; I’m now very glad that I had it done as my hair is now thicker (not too thick though) and I can grow it longer. Another thing is that I now enjoy going to the hairdressers.

One of the things I kept up with even when working was looking after my hair by using good quality products and getting trimmed at least every 8 – 12 weeks; although when I was working full time my visits would go to 1 a year. After College, I went to work at a Horse Riding Centre in Enfield, just outside of London and on one of my days off, I treated myself and went to HOB Salon in Southgate. I had my hair washed, trimmed, blow-dried and styled and loved every minute of it. My stylist was was amazing looked after me by offering me a coffee, good chatter and wonderful advice on taking care of my hair. This was my first introduction to Sebastian Shampoo and Conditioner. From the first use, my hair felt gorgeous. It’s light and soft. Although pricy, the money spent has been worth it. It comes in two sizes, 250 ml and 1000 ml. On 8th January 2018, I brought a 1000 ml bottle and I’m only now getting to the end of it and its coming to the end of February 2019. Although I don’t live in London, I continue to buy this product from

Another thing I use to help nourish my hair, I also use Alterna Caviar Repair Re-Texturizing Protein Cream. This is a leave-in treatment which I put in when my hair is wet and before I blow dry. You only need a small amount and I use once a week so lasts a long time. It’s light in texture and smells pleasing. Worth every penny. I buy this from

Recently, I have started to use Argan Hair Therapy Oil which can be used wet or dry. I have been using it on dry hair and it helps keep my hair soft. Only need a small amount and just comb through. I think its a lovely texture and smell are pleasant. I brought this from Superdrug.

I find these products amazing and worth the money they cost. I would love to hear your opinion of this and any suggestions you may have.

I have also bought a couple of other things to try so when I have tried them I will do an update of them.

till next time

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