Hello Guys

Just saying a quick hello as not much to update really. I spent the morning with my friend Kelly and her beautiful daughter Sienna May on Monday which was wonderful as I will miss them whilst I am away. I have also done some more shopping and have a selection of new clothes.

On the sorting out front, its coming on slowly. I have taken 1 load to CEX already and have started load 2. I am also donating books to charity shops as I have read them and I won’t read these again. Unfortunately, I can’t keep hold of all my old books and I need to make room for the many books I have bought home with me that I will read again.

Its a start at least.

During my London visit, I am hoping to meet up with an old friend of mine Tatyana who I worked with at Trent Park Equestrian Centre who I haven’t seen in over 6 years.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment but thats all I have planned.

That’s all for now

till next time

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