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Been a while but I’m back. Been busy sorting things out and adjusting to living back at home. I have sorted out my trip to London where I am going to apply for my working holiday visa for Japan and now its paperwork. My trip to Japan is now going to begin end of May as they have given out the allowed amount of visas for 2018 – 2019 … however they will re-open in April. This is the 1st time they have done this.

Japan is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons such as –

  • Rugby World Cup 20th September – 2nd November 2019
  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Although in a few years, Osaka is also hosting the World Expo in 2025. Last time Osaka hosted this 6 month event was in 1970.

These events have increased Western visitors to the country, which is good for the country, that was once closed to foreign visitors.

In 1853 after 200 years, Japan allowed American Commodore Matthew Perry and his four ships into Tokyo Bay. His mission was to re – establish trade between Japan and the Western World.

Japan had traded before when the Europeans tried to convert the Japan to Catholicism. Without getting of topic to much, this is a common occurrence throughout history where one group believes their religion is better than other and conflict then sparks.

Although I don’t personally follow any religion; I do like learning about different belief systems and visiting sacred sights.

Last week I went to my friends daughter’s Christening and the church was beautiful, but I went for my friend.

As of Tuesday 22nd January, my flights to Dubai and Japan have been booked. Mum and I are going to spend 8 nights in Dubai to visit family before I head to Japan. We have been to Dubai many times before and usually stay with my uncle (mums brother) and his family, however my cousins have exams coming up so I am treating mum to a hotel which is also booked.

I booked this holiday through my friend Stephanie Mutimer at Pegasus Holidays Ltb. This is her business and is based in Chorley Lancashire. Even through she is a friend and has been since primary school; I would still recommend her as she was very helpful with very good advice. She is on Facebook so please check her out for any holidays.

On that note, I will finish this post so till next time bye

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