I’m happy

Been a few days since my last post but been busy and tiring so now I am feeling relaxed and happy. One of my favourite people is the world, Pammy Hutton has come for a couple of days training and she has given me loads of helpful tips and advice. I am a completely different rider since training with her.

Shes fantastic and I would recommend a visit to Talland School of Equitation as she and all her staff and horses are amazing. She’s based in Gloucestershire, Cirencester.

I have spoken to Pammy about my leaving Lakefield and shes been very supportive and has said that I could visit her at Talland which has made me feel relieved that I haven’t lost her support. I will definitely keep in touch with her.

I regret not fully qualifying to Stage 3 as half way or getting my level 3 Coach however I do believe I can still get there as I am planning on going back to horses after my year in Japan.

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