Packing has begun

Today I have started packing up my stuff. I had to go out today for an appointment and I came back with a couple of plastic storage boxes and have already filled one box with some of my clothes. I would like to be ready to leave so then I can simply pack up my car and go when the time comes. Hopefully, I will be home for Christmas which means I can take some stuff in a suitcase.

If I am home at Christmas, I’ll be able to spend some time with my mum and Granddad, who is away or New Year plus its my Granddads birthday on Christmas Eve and it would be good as the following year I will be in Japan.

I also have plans for January that I’m looking forward to such the christening of my friend Kelly’s daughter Sienna who was born end of April this year. I’m hoping Kelly will let me film it for her. I will also need to add a visit to the dentist.

I have probably mentioned this before but I will say it again, I am looking forward to going home for some quality time with my family and friends as I have missed them while I have been in Cornwall. I just wish my dad, gran and nana were still here as my dad wanted me to come home and it was always my plan once I was qualified to do just that, I have just taken a bit longer getting more qualified then I hoped. But there you go.

I know that everyone wants me to succeed and enjoy myself which I appreciate for all the support they have given me through all my journeys and I love them deeply for it.

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