The last few days

Things are progressing well as I have re booked my driving test and just replaced my netbook which decided to lock me out. I have my replacement which I’m pleased with so far so fingers crossed. I’m also looking into a camcorder to take on my trip so I can take videos and show people what I’m up to as well as to share my experiences with others.

I have practised a couple of times on my iphone SE and not been too bad but I am a beginner so with practise I will get better.

I am also watching other vloggers such as Kim Dao and Abroad in Japan, two vloggers that I follow and I recommend anyone to take a gander at their channels on YouTube.

I am looking forward to going home and spending more time with my mum. I am looking into seeing Aladdin when Mum and I go to London as its something I’ve wanted to see for a while and we enjoy visiting the theatre.

I am planning a meal for when I leave at a coastal pub called the Port William which is fantastic and I have invited people that I have worked with to celebrate my new path and to say farewell. Then I am going to have a long drive with my mum.

I will have various things to sort out once I’m home and I look forward to some R and R.

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